Invitation Business Angels Conference Mannheim, Saturday, 6th of July, 2013

Business Angels Conference in Mannheim 6th of July 2013

The Mannheim Business Angels network will hold its constituting conference at the University of Mannheim / Mannheim Palace (Barock-Schloss Mannheim) on Saturday, the 6th of July, at 13.00h, in Mannheim.

Young companies from UK, France, Switzerland and Germany will present their innovative products/services, followed by in-depth discussions.

Sectors covered are: BioTech/Medical Devices, Social Networks, Mobile Apps, Innovative Services, Internet Platforms, Social Businesses etc.

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To register, either go to the following website:

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The event starts on Saturday, the 6th of July, at 13.00h, attendence is FREE and open for everyone interested. To attend, just come to Room O138 (Festsaal) in the Barock-Schloss Mannheim. Attendance is free.

See you at our conference on Saturday, the 6th of July 2013, at 1pm!

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Mannheim Business Angels network