Thank you! Business Angels Conference in Mannheim, 6th of July, 2013

Thanks again to all our guests who travelled from France, Norway, UK, Switzerland and Belgium for their attendance and the high quality questions they asked the presenters at the Business Angels Conference organized by the Mannheim Business Angels network on Saturday, the 6th of July.

We hope you liked the inspiring and interesting presentations from the startups joining us from UK, France, Switzerland and Germany as much as we did. We would like once again to thank the speakers for their great presentations and insightful discussions!

The presentation slides including contact details will be made available soon to all attendees by e-mail, directions on how we as Business Angels can add value to their efforts will be included as well.

In addition, we have added some event-photos to our new Facebook-page


 If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contacts us at

We look forward to welcome you at future events organized by the Mannheim Business Angels network!

Kind regards,
Mannheim Business Angels network