Angel Investors

for our members, we offer the following services:

  • filtering of the most interesting business plans by a thorough crowd due diligence process
  • distribution of preselected business plans together with a term‐sheet
  • listing of the proposal on a dedicated crowdinvesting platform for deal execution
  • by using a crowdinvesting platform, we provide location-independent deal execution, i.e. for Angels in Mannheim, NYC, Shanghai or elsewhere
  • investments are not done by the “Mannheim Business Angels Network e.V.” itself, instead its members make  their own individual investment decisions

You can find additional information in our flyer.

application for membership

to apply for membership in the Mannheim Business Angels network e.V., please fill out the following document:      

Code of Conduct

Mannheim Business Angels network e.V. Honor Code Definition of Business Angels (Angel Investor) Individuals (Investors) who directly or through an intermediary company invest their own capital in new and growing unlisted companies along with providing essential business contacts, network or advice. In return they receive a stake in the company with the aim of mid-term …


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