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Investment Criteria

We are looking for companies with an established proof of concept and large growth potential. We invest across multiple industries, preferences are in business products & services, internet/web services, mobile, financial services, life sciences/medtech, cleantech, media and social businesses.


We screen our investments based on the following criteria
  • required seed-capital must be within our investment range per deal (seed/startup‐funding of between EUR 50k to EUR 200k+), optionally with co-investor up to EUR 700k+
  • must be a socially responsible business (typical SRI-criteria, i.e. no addictives (e.g. alcohol, tobacco), weapons etc.)
  • valuations <= EUR 5 million pre-money
  • reasonable exit option within a time-horizon of 5-8 years
  • multidisciplinary and experienced team, core technology knowledge inside the team
  • potentially large market
  • ambition to grow fast