Presentations WebConference 22nd of May, 2013

On the 22nd of May 2013 we held our first webconference with two young startup companies.

Presentation Neurologic Medical

The first presentation was held by Justin Waghray and Dr. Alim Mitha from Neurologic Medical Solutions Ltd., currently based at the London Business School incubator. Neurologic designs and commercializes medical devices for use in neurosurgery, with a focus on surgical tools that meet the needs of surgeons during operation. Please have a look at for further information.


For additional information, please have a look at this interesting video about “The Art of Neurosurgery”, courtesy of Zurich.Minds:


The video gives an introduction to neurosurgery and compares and draws analogies between neurosurgery and art.

Presentation WhoArtYou 

The second presentation was held by Philippe Mira and Javier Perez Sanchez from WhoArtYou, founded by two Essec-Mannheim alumnis in Paris, who are offering a new social network dedicated to art where members can share their art discoveries. Think of “Facebook/Pinterest for art lovers”, but with a twist.


Art lovers are able to collect pictures, create their own virtual collections share, comment, and above all achieve challenges on art experiences. Please have a look at for further information.

If you are interested to hear more about investment opportunities in either of the two companies, or want to discuss their projects and how you can work with them to make their projects even more successful, please send a short e-mail either to or contact the presenters directly.