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Essentials: Business Model Canvas

  A must read and essential tool in navigating to find that scalable and repeatable business model. All you need to know about the Business Model Canvas here 

Essentials: Minimum Viable Product

  All about the Minimum Viable Product, how do you know when you reached it and what to go to reach it

Essentials: Customers

  This article summarizes all the fundamentals you need to know when it comes to customers: with how many should you speak? what type of customer? how to approach the customers and how to validate your idea with the customer’s help

Essentials: Markets

  Great summary of what one needs to know about Markets and how to validate them with customers

Letter From An Angel Investor To An Aspiring Founder

Image by Camera Press via The Daily Mail By Christian Dahlen & Oana Olteanu – originally published here Dear Jane Founder, You, the aspiring entrepreneur, walk into my office to pitch your idea. You think that you have invented a new way to turn lead into gold. My job is to distinguish between the few great ideas …

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B2B Networks Are Making a Comeback – 15 Factors For A Successful Reboot

By Christian Dahlen & Oana Olteanu – originally published here A seemingly endless number of B2B networks was started during the first dot-com bubble. But just as quickly as they had started, they almost all disappeared after the bubble burst in 2001. In the decade that followed, activity in the B2B network sector came to a complete …

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The Business Model Canvas Is A Swiss Army Knife For Innovation

By Christian Dahlen & Oana Olteanu – originally published here   Every product owner wants her new product to be successful. Every company prides itself for being innovative. Changes in software development tools and methodologies have made it much easier to build new products. New products are announced and developed at a rapid clip. But how do …

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Why Culture Needs to be the Fifth Element of any Company

originally published here  P. Thiel’s single most important piece of advice for Airbnb is ‘Don’t fuck up the culture’. Other executives and venture capitalists like Brian Chesky, Ben Horowitz, and Steve Jobs have expanded on why culture is important for a startup company, and Marc Andreessen’s tweet ‘…Ruin Culture -> Destroy Company’ summarizes the point neatly. No doubt, culture is crucial …

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How To Get To ‘The Only Thing That Matters’

By Christian Dahlen & Oana Olteanu – originally published here The only thing that matters for a new startup is to achieve product/market fit.Product/market fit has been achieved when the minimum viable product (MVP) has beta quality, is used in a similar way by ten customers, and the customer acquisition process is repeatable and scaleable. For startups, …

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Six Steps to The Maximum Desirable Customer

By Christian Dahlen & Oana Olteanu – originally published here   Technology startups and mature companies alike know that building successful products requires a close collaboration with the customer. Steve Blank in particular has championed the idea of the Customer Development where startups can systematically improve the chances of product success by developing a better understanding of …

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