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What´s Hot and What´s Not in the European Start Ups world

Technology driven Start Ups ( Mobile, Big Data, IOT, Cloud ) are currently leading the charge in front of Industry specific ventures ( Education, Health, Fintech ) . The West of Europe appears more active then the Centre and the East where Bulgaria stands out as an unexpected leader. Full Article here

“Use your money, round my dream” – crowdfunding

Crowdfunding becomes a rising star in recent years and had created many star products, but we may not know that in fact the failure rate is as high as 60% ! “Use your money, round my dream”. The idea of collecting money or fund-raising from the public on internet and the rise of crowdfunding platforms …

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“Angels” in financing a business or startup

Besides VC, I hardly knew anything else in terms of financing a business or start-up until I joined Mannheim Business Angels Network last year. After digging, it turned out that for each stage of a company’s life, there may be financial needs and which require outside funding. Different types are Seed Capital, Working Capital, Mezzanine …

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